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This is a different perspective. I'm glad your kids get to have you around and enjoy you. I wonder what my young nieces will say when they get older. They were 4 and not-yet-one when their mother lost her mind and custody of her kids. I know my brother tries to arrange times they can see each other, but she usually bails.

I had the joy of living near my parents for about 4 years, before moving overseas. I still talk to them a couple times a month, and every phone call ends in "I love you."

Found you through the AtoZ master list.
Doesn't Speak Klingon

Elizabeth Randolph

My kids have always heard me tell them that I love them. No phone call ends without them hearing this. No text message or e-mail either. Their dad does the same. It's just who we are. I've watched my children grow up to tell their girlfriends and wives that they love them every day. It's a good tradition to pass along.

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